Boca Brava Island Properties

When looking at the island, a narrow area of land can be seen and this is where the lots are located. All lots extend across the island with beautiful oceanfront at the front of the property and the estuary offering deep water anchorage at the back.

Each lot offers:

  • Full title and recorded documentation.
  • Approximately 40m of ocean beachfront.
  • Rises to a small ridge and then declines again to the estuary, with a gentle slope.
  • Has great views of the ocean to the south (front of the property) and towards the mountains of Chiriqui Highlands (Boquete) to the north.
  • Has been cleared of the undergrowth, but mature trees still remain.

Well water is readily available and it is expected that the lots will soon be connected to the electricity that is already available on the island. 

There is a definite interest in this area, with quite a few different nationalities buying small pieces of land. The region offers a very laid back lifestyle, with a wonderful climate and beautiful surroundings. This area has a temperate and predictable climate with gentle ocean breezes and northerly winds blowing of the central cordillera on the mainland. The island is located outside of hurricane activity that can plague the Caribbean and other parts of Central America.

Access to Isla Boca Brava

The property is readily accessible by land or by water. If coming by water, it is a 45 to 60 minute ride from Port Pedregal in David.

Land access is via Horconcitos, 40 km east of David on the Pan-American highway, and then another 16 km on a secondary road to Boca Chica (accessible all year around), it is then 10 minutes by boat from Boca Chica to the property.

The town of Boca Chica is a fishing and agricultural center with about 300 inhabitants and offers facilities such as: gas station, 2 small grocery stores, school, health center, public port and 2 bar/restaurants.

Construction does require some coordination but as is evidenced by the number of properties already developed in the area, such as cabins, big game fishing lodges, eco resorts and private houses, it is certainly a viable proposition. It is our intention to construct a residence on an adjoining lot.